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Stupid Great Expectations

“We’re taught to expect unconditional love from our parents, but I think it is more the gift our children give us. It’s they who love us helplessly, no matter what or who we are.”
― Kathryn Harrison


Great Expectations

This post will help all those parents who unnecessarily have illogical great expectations from their children and keep moaning that their kids do not listen to them. Well, when you decided to have a baby, it was your and your spouse’s decision, and no consent was taken from the baby who was going to take birth. So, you have to maintain that one-sided love and in 99% of the cases your love will be reciprocated but if it is not the case you need to continue loving your own creation. This will help you live in peace. You are having an unnecessary stress because you are considering them as your asset or an investment which is totally wrong on your part. Remember, they have come to this world to perform their journey, not yours.
Your guidance may help them in their life but final decision has to be theirs. You should never ever try to control their soul on the pretext of guiding them. They are your creations and it is your duty to give them unconditional love even if it has to be one-sided.

Parents Child relationship

Many times, I have seen, parents wish to fulfill their dreams through their children which is so unfair. They might have totally different expectations from life. It is your duty to help them achieve their dreams instead of you imposing your desires on them.

Another type of parents I have come across are the ones who literally want to control their children’s life on the name of guiding them to take the right path. Come on guys, your kids are not your pets.

Religion plays a very important role in enslaving kids. Let them have a chance to be a thinker. Do not force them to follow what you followed all your life. Maybe, they will come out with some revolutionary ideas. Why do you want to decide for them what is right and what is wrong? Teach them how to think rather than forcing them what to think.

If you browse through the movies in the film industry, you will find hundreds of movies showing all negative emotions, how parents sacrificed so much for their kids only to be treated so badly in their old age. Come on, your kids are your creation, not your investment. You have not raised them so that one day when they grow up, they will serve you all their life.

I am writing here considering the worst-case scenarios when things go wrong because of the problems that we parents create and the kids are not left with any other option than turning vindictive. If we parents, enrich the life our kids with positive emotional bond rather than imposing our ideologies, I am sure, they will positively reciprocate with all their heart.



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