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Making Dreams a Reality: Practical Strategies to Get Started

“Never doubt it, never deny them, your dreams matter” -Anonymous

Making Dreams a Reality is exciting but you must change your mindset before you attempt to do that.

My last weekend started hilariously. One of the young chaps who works part-time for me suddenly asked Ranjan how you started your career.
It was a short discussion, and I told him what I had done in my career.

He is going to graduate from the university this year. He asked me very seriously, guess what! I am not going to go for those regular jobs. I want to achieve my dreams, and I will sacrifice everything to do that.

I pulled his legs by asking: “Have you just watched one of those motivational videos on YouTube?”
How do you know?
Well, because I am forty years older than you, I laughed.

I continued that the problem with our education system today is that it doesn’t teach young people about life and society.
In a typical millennial style, he said What do you mean?
Well, society only likes to talk about success magnets, and hence they will preach to you, that man sacrificed his whole life and see where he is today.

Does Our Education System Work?

I continued that the problem with our education system today is that it doesn’t teach young people about life and
They will never tell you about one million equally talented and hard-working people who also sacrificed everything and ended up on the streets.
Remember one fact: hard work and talent play a role for an average successful person like me who has a job, a roof over my head, and life is reasonably good.

But talent and hard work are not sufficient for being a star kind of super successful person. Maybe, this person got one precise moment where he was at the right time, at the right place in front of the right audience, and that moment changed his life forever. Unfortunately, the other equally talented and hard-working people remained devoid of that lucky moment and ended up on the street. These kinds of things are not in your control.

My young friend then asked, should we avoid pursuing our dreams?

I never said that. Before you decide to sacrifice everything to go after your dream, change your mindset.

So, What is the solution?

When you struggle, society may look down upon you. Instead of going into depression, learn to ignore the world and be proud of your decision.
Do not become jealous when your friends enjoy 10K a month’s salary.
remember, life may be lived on a two-dollar noodle cup.

When you go after your dream, there are only two outcomes, either you will make it big or not. If you make it, nothing like that; if you don’t, be happy that you are doing the work you love. And ultimately, being happy is being successful. So either way, you are a winner.

Go after your vision with the right mindset.

He nodded and said, you have a point, and I agree with you.

I objected that is not right; a few hours ago, a motivational speaker justified his idea to you, and you agreed. Now I discuss it with you for fifteen minutes, and you agree with me immediately.

Don’t always be in a hurry. Relax, take your time, analyze, and then decide. Unfortunately, today’s world bombards you with a sea of information, drowning the poor droplet of knowledge.

Final Words

Learn not to jump to conclusions.

Take a day off, contemplate, take the best points from that motivational speaker’s speech, a few logical points from my discussion, mix and match, write what you learn to bring better clarity, and then take your decision.

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