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Why We May Never See an Alien

I will start this article with a short story that I read when I was a child.

This story will help you understand why We May Never See an Alien.

A long time ago, the whole population of a village became blind due to an epidemic. One day, a person from another town reached the village and asked someone where I would find a grocery shop. The villager gave him the direction by saying every 10 minutes the church bell sounds, and when you hear the sound, walk 150 steps towards the sound, then turn right, and a grocery shop will be there on the left-hand side after 10 steps. The person exclaimed, “Can’t you see?” The villager responded, “What do you mean by seeing?” Anyway, the stranger reached the shop, bought a few things, and the shopkeeper sounded a small bell and stretched out his hand to get money.

The stranger again asked, “Can’t you see?” The shopkeeper asked what is seeing. Then the stranger realized that everyone in this village was blind. But by then, the news had spread all over the village that a stranger had come into the town and was talking nonsense. So they called the police. The police came to attend to the so-called problem, and they shouted at the stranger, what nonsense are you talking about? The stranger again asked, Can’t you see? The cop shouted angrily, “Stop talking nonsense!” His anger escalated so much that he threw the person in prison.

A week later, they took him to court, where the judge sentenced him to death for practising black magic.

The point I want to make is:

We are only aware of five senses: sight (vision), sound (hearing), smell, taste, and touch. Our brain can interpret only these five senses. The possibility exists that there may be beings whose brains can interpret more than five senses. Like the people in the village of blinds, we cannot understand the concept of ‘seeing.’ Similarly, we will never be able to conceptualize any sense beyond our understanding of the five senses

Why do we assume that aliens understand only five senses? Why do we think they live in a three-dimensional world like us?

Maybe they have the knowledge of more than five senses, and they may come from higher dimensions, and we may never see them. Maybe they are here right now among us, but we are not able to see them.

Can a creature living in a two-dimensional world understand the third dimension? If it has no idea about ‘height,’ can it ever see a creature living in three dimensions? Similarly, beings living in three dimensions will never be able to see a person living in four or higher dimensions.

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