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Quotes to Live by: to keep you Motivated

Here is the list of quotes to live by.

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Status conscious people are mostly intellectually bankrupt..

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I was quite grumpy one day on one of my young staff when he misplaced one of the expensive boxes of drill bits at one of the sites. Anyway, I forgot about it as time passed by. Last week that guy was on holidays, and I attended a service call on his behalf. I opened the server cabinet sorted out the problem quickly, but the dam door of the cabinet won’t close. Usually, I just give a gentle push, and it gets closed.

It was frustrating. I spent a full half an hour on it, but the dam thing will not budge. Finally, I decided to move a rubbish bin so that I could push the door from the front. And guess what, my box of drill bits was lying just behind the rubbish bin. I picked it up, and after that, I gently pushed the door, and it immediately got closed like magic. What would you call it? Was there an invisible force trying to help me? It is such a small thing, but the point is why?? I leave the answer for you to comment on.


We plan so much to secure our future. Sometimes, we think more about our retirement plan than our living conditions of the present. Is it really worth it? Just think about it. It requires only one moment to convert our live body to ashes, and we take our lives so much for granted? I realized it last month when flying to Dunedin to meet my daughter. It was a great sunny day. The plane was about to land, there was a typical slight shake, it landed, its wheel hit the ground, and it took off again shaking like crazy.

The pilot took a “U” turn after a few miles and literally its right wing was perpendicular to the ground, and it was looking to be entirely out of control. Then the pilot announced that please stay calm, it is very typical, and we could not land because of random ground-level turbulence. Although he was trying to keep his voice as normal as possible, only a fool will not be able to guess that he was shaken too. He said that it will continue to be like that until he reaches the height of 4000Ft. Anyway, we all landed safely at the second attempt.

But that set me thinking, it was a split of seconds difference between our life and death, but we take our existence so seriously as if we are going to live on this earth forever. Thus, the moral of the story is, Guys, learn to live for the moment. There is no point struggling and stressing like slaves for tomorrow, which may never be there for us. Live and enjoy life Now. Cease the moment instead of stressing about the future. Do something to keep yourself ready for these unforeseen accidents. Mantras and meditation are a few ways to strengthen your brain in such a way you don’t quickly become stressed in these kinds of situations.


Life is a graduate school and entrance prerequisite is a birth certificate. Graduates are awarded a death certificates. Consequently, in the school of life, there are no failures.



My footprints getting washed away by new waves. Every being comes with his own purpose, hence every journey is unique. Do not follow anybody’s footprints.


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Quotes to live by

Quotes to live by 



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Quotes to live by


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Inspirational Words

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This page presents a list of quotes to live by and whenever I am depressed in life, this page animates my life.