Winning Tactics For micro learning

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
― Mark Twain

Today, the world is changing faster than a few decades ago. What is true today may not be true ten years from now. That is why the concept of microlearning has gained importance and we will discuss micro learning in detail in this blog post. This fast-changing world is demanding change in skills or improvement in skills on a regular basis if you want to be in demand professionally as well as socially in today’s world and today’s industry. And that is why the concept of microlearning is becoming so popular. Unlike a few decades ago when learning was a process that led you to get a job and you climbed the ladder of success based on your experience alone, today you need to keep upgrading your skills or learning new skills in order to keep up with rest of the world.

micro learningMicro-Learning Examples

So what is the solution? Going to university again for long 2-3 years is definitely not the solution. That too when, unfortunately, our present education system has not changed to meet the demands of this new scenario. Hence the solution is to be very specific about what area you want to improve your skills in or what new skill you want to learn. And then take up a short course in that specific field. I won’t call it a “subject” because the word “subject” provides a very broad area of knowledge, e.g. let us take geography as a subject. Your goal may not be to learn everything about geography but because of some reason, you want to learn about changing the weather pattern of a particular country. Or taking yet another example, you may not be interested in knowing the details of all the aspects of internet marketing but you may want to learn about affiliate marketing which is a small part of internet marketing.

Sources of Micro-Learning

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Fortunately, our industry has started working towards the concept of microlearning and a few companies have taken these challenge in a very innovative way. SkillShare is one such company where you can join their online portal on a monthly basis. You may either choose a course from one of many available categories or you can search for a course using a keyword. I found some very interesting courses like “blogging for beginners”, “Affiliate marketing without paid traffic” etc. Another advantage of SkillShare courses is the availability of many courses by different experts on the same topic. I found six to seven courses on the “Affiliate Marketing“. You can undergo all theses courses and pick up the best points from all of them.

This is what I call microlearning and this is what will make you successful either in your existing career or else if you want to start a new carrier. You improve your skill in an area that you want to by being very specific, in the shortest period of time possible without investing thousands of dollars as in college fees. Gone are the days when you spent years after years in university to uplift your career. Microlearning is here to stay and is the necessity of tomorrow.