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3 Signs You need to Reboot Your life

“Sometimes, you just have to start all over differently.” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

how to restart your life at 25

How do I restart my life?

I sometimes think how do I restart my life and start all over again? Sometimes we become so entangled in our life that we don’t even know whether we are solving our problems or we are making it more complicated. It looks as if every problem is interlinked with some other problem. And we keep living like a robot. Mornings no more start with enthusiasm to take on the world. It is just the same repetitive exercise day in and day out. That is when I realized that somehow I want to restart my life.

If you are going through this predicament, I have a solution for you. I have not learned this by reading some book or by attending a self-help program. I have learnt this with my own experience. Listen, a time comes when you stop getting new ideas because you always have a problem taking care of them. Have you ever thought that this condition comes because you might have taken the wrong path somewhere down the line? And your turns are so intricate all the time that you don’t have time to go back and change your path again.

Yes guys, if that is the situation, you need to reboot your life and start all over again. Try this. Of course, you need lots of guts to do this. When you try to do it for the first time, you feel as if your world around you is collapsing. But once you punch that moment with your free will, you are truly relieved. It is like getting a new life with all your well-accumulated experience under your belt.

You won’t believe it when I tried it in my life, it was one of those Aaha moments. I decided not only to have new friends but even new enemies (HaHa). I stopped trying to resolve my old problems and started seeing the world from a new perspective.

3 Signs Your life needs a Reboot

  1. You are always worried and restless. Sometimes for no reason.
  2. You always have in your subconscious mind that your dream will always remain a dream so you stop chasing them.
  3. You become obsessively conscious about what others think about you.

Guys, it is that simple. If you identify yourself with the above three points, you need to reboot your life immediately.

How to go about rebooting your life.

When you think about it for the first time, you will find it to be an impossible task but once you do it you will realize, Oh! so silly of me, it was so easy. Why didn’t I do it earlier!

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Follow the steps below to reboot your life and set yourself free.

  • Close your ears from your family, extended family, friends and all around you.
  • Join a meditation or mindfulness exercise program. Meditation helps you attain cosmic consciousness as a result of which you don’t let the external actions, objects or human beings affect you in any way. You start believing in your individuality. Mindfulness exercises help you live in the moment rather than living with the trauma of the past and fear of the future.
  • When you enter a room full of people, learn not to think about who likes you and who doesn’t. Instead, start thinking about who you like and who you don’t.
  • Remove everything from your “To do” list that you have been trying for six months and before without any desired results.
  • Stop overthinking about your responsibilities. Remember, the world will not stop if you die today.
  • Make a list of all the things that you have always wanted to do since your childhood. Don’t think that now you are too old for this. A caution here! Don’t just make the list, start acting upon your list. Another caution, do not fear and wait to be alone to do it (Oh! people might laugh at me.). Do it when you want to do not bothering who is watching you. These are very small things but these are the things that become bottlenecks in rebooting your life. I assure you, it’s my experience talking.
  • Make a change in your daily routine. If you were a late riser in the morning, become a morning person or vice versa.
  • Make drastic changes in the decor of your office, library, or whatever space you call your own.
  • Do not hold grudge against the troublesome people of the past but do not allow them to intrude into your new life. Politely ignore them and move on with your life.
  • Join any new group/s of like-minded people and make new friends.
  • Renew your financial strategies and stop coming under peer pressure to spend your money where you don’t want to. Have the courage to say “No”.
  • Start loving yourself first before you think about loving somebody else.

That is all you have to do to reboot your life. Isn’t so simple? Congratulation on your new life. Live it to the fullest. You are free and universal abundance is waiting for you.

PS: I have not written this post to encourage our youth by giving them unwanted advice. It is for anybody who needs to reboot his / her life. There is no age factor for achieving rebooting. I have done it in my 50s. So you can do it too whatever age range you belong to.

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