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Is Plan B Sabotaging Your Success?

I don’t know what a Success Coach will say about it. But don’t get me wrong and definitely I am not asking you to be irresponsible towards your worldly responsibilities. But I thought that at times we tend to become over cautious while taking actions towards our goals. And so we start taking life as it comes. We tend to become over obsessive about our plan B up to the extent that we start living our “plan B”.

If you have a goal in life and you are working hard to achieve it, it requires sacrifices. But if you always worry what if you don’t succeed in whatever you are trying to achieve and keep looking towards your Plan B, you are sabotaging your success by accepting mediocrity. After some time, it gets absorbed in your subconscious mind so profoundly that you start going with the flow. You lose control of your life and your life purpose.

The point is where one should draw a line between being irresponsible and being too focused not to bother about plan B? Even the greatest success coach will not be able to decide it for you. Simply because this decision has to come from your heart and you should be comfortable with it. This question used to bother me a lot. Last week, I came across a situation when I had no option but to get an answer to this riddle. After hours of a brainstorming session with the self, finally, I had a solution for this. This resolution is for me, and your situation may be different from mine, but maybe, it might help you find your answer.

Last week I had to decide whether I should resign from my work for a riskier venture. I was unable to come to a firm decision. This left me with many “ifs” and “buts”. I continued going to work absentmindedly like a robot. I wanted to resign but that guilty feeling of taking an unnecessary risk that involved others was bothering me too heavily. Sometimes, I felt as if I am using “Risk” as a reason to avoid not going boldly with the new option. Maybe, I was too scared!

How To Find If You Are Not Being Irresponsible?

Surprisingly, I found it too easy to find it when I started thinking about it. First, you decide what is at stake?

  1. Are you going to come to a situation where it becomes a question of survival? If your “plan A” fails, is it likely that you might be starving? If your answer is “Yes”, you need a “Plan B.”
  2. Are you not taking the risk to venture out for your dream just because of your ego that what people might say if you fail? 90% of the people never consider that brave step only because of this and continue to live their lives the way they had been living for the last few years or decades.

I recalled the movie “Matrix” at this point where one asks, you have two options. Take a blue pill and continue to live the way you have been living so far but take the red pill and move towards the unknown and explore the abundance of the universe. This statement still gives me goose-bumps for no reason.

We don’t want to come out of our comfort zone. That is why people say; it is all about mindset. Your mindset decides the outcome of your courageous efforts. The result will be different for everybody who is a part of the group doing the same things. Even if the same resources are provided to all. And even if all of them work equally hard and have the same IQ level. That seems so bizarre! But it is true because your mindset finally delivers the result.

If you work hard towards your goal but keep getting distracted every now or then by your Plan B, it is inevitable that at one point, you will fall back to your Plan B.

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And Once My Personal Success Coach Said:

I want to end this post with a beautiful story that somebody shared with me.

We all have two versions of ourselves. One is the higher version, and the other is the standard version. Our success factor depends on what percentage of our life we are living in our higher version.

So let us understand how to define our higher version.

Imagine you are swimming, and somewhere at the bottom of the pool, somebody clutches your feet from behind. What happens next? You will strike him with your feet as if all your power has miraculously attuned at your feet. You will do this even if you are dead tired and you will do it very naturally. This example defines your higher version.

Just think about it. What portion of your life are you living in your higher version?

By the way, my dilemma was whether I should resign from my 9-5 job to going full-time working from home as an entrepreneur.

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