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Two Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills Dramatically

“Always be a poet, even in prose.”
–Charles Baudelaire

Besides the beautiful words above by Charles Baudelaire, I read somewhere that anyone who could write the way he speaks will eventually be an excellent writer. I took it a bit too seriously, and like always, I made my strategy, and it worked.

Two Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills Dramatically will take your writing skills to the next level.

An innovative way to get rid of writer’s block:

Instead of writing on my notepad or laptop, I started my phone sound recorder and started speaking about the thoughts that I wanted to write. I didn’t care about full stops or commas; I just went with the flow without bothering about grammatical mistakes. What a fantastic experience that was! You not only maintain a perfect flow, but it becomes a kind of meditation experience. My regular writer’s block disappeared. After recording, I opened my laptop and carefully wrote what I had recorded. And after I completed writing, I checked the article thoroughly for grammatical mistakes.
I was satisfied with that writing and made it a regular practice.

I was satisfied with that writing and made it a regular practice.

Another thought superseded this idea. Instead of recording the voice only, I decided to face the camera and then record my article. Initially, I felt uncomfortable, but after a few attempts, I found it easy. And guess what? Now, I have repurposed my writing for my YouTube video.

Writing the first two paragraphs is challenging. This tip will make it easier:

The second tip is a bit controversial, but it worked for me and will work for most of you.
If you are new to writing, start writing on controversial or negative topics. I have experienced that our brain works so that our thought flow builds up more naturally when we express ourselves on controversial or negative issues. That’s why most people enjoy gossiping more than discussing.
I am neither a neuroscientist nor a psychologist, so I can’t write a reason behind it, but I have learned this by experience.

Do not get me wrong but it is the same thing presented differently. I will explain this by giving an example. Instead of directly writing on a topic like “How to improve our society”, start with “Why our society is like this”. Start with negativity, and once you get your rhythm in the first few paragraphs, then build on to go further: Since our society is like this, what is the solution?
It works.
These tips have improved my writing a lot.
I would love to get your comments about these two tips and would appreciate it if you could give a few tips if you have some personal tricks so that we all grow together.

Two Tips To Improve Your Writing Skills Dramatically

I have written this post to help you to improve your writing skills and it works because I have not read these anywhere but learnt these from my personal experience. These tips have improved my writing skills.

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