Meditation Techniques for Cosmic Adventure

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About meditation techniques

The thing about meditation is that you become more and more YOU. – David Lynch

Let me explain why I thought of writing this post about meditation techniques. I grew up in a very traditional orthodox family in India. During my childhood, pressure of following traditional rituals was so much that I actually started hating that environment and as soon as I left home, I almost rebelled against that orthodox Hindu environment. I declared myself as an atheist and lived with my new belief system for more than 15 years. As I grew older, I started realizing that actually I am not what I am trying to project myself. I was aMeditation Techniques deeply spiritual person but by declaring myself as an atheist, I was trying to take my revenge towards a society which was imposing their ideas and beliefs on me whether I like it or not. The system was such that if you agree with them, you are a good boy and if you do not agree with them, you are a bad boy. During my teen years, I lived with that guilt throughout that I am not a good boy. Fortunately, I got hold of a few very good books which changed my life forever. I read almost all the books by Deepak Chopra, “Same Soul Many Bodies” by Dr Brian Weiss, “Home with God” by Neale Walsh etc. All these books helped me understand myself and get rid of all negative energies that I was living with. I learn t how to think spiritually and truthfully without following any religion. And that is how I wanted to live since my childhood. I respect all religion, but I refuse to be a salesman of any religion. I wanted to think about cosmic structure and principles instead of following religious rituals. Topic of soul body integration introduced me to the world of meditation. I was too satisfied with newly found interests and instead of following spirituality as a boring subject or process, I started finding it as a real cosmic adventure.

Today, many options are available to learn the art of meditation and I have tried a few of them. Every style has its own positive points but it all depends on you what satisfies you the most.

Deepak Chopra has given a new dimension to meditation techniques and spirituality. May be in my case, I showed more interest to what he says because; I was able to relate with his style of liberal philosophies better than a religious preacher. He always backed up his spiritual principles with scientific theories. Deepak Chopra gives too much importance to the audio-visual frequencies around us and he says these frequencies have power to alter our state of consciousness. Meditation has capability to elevate our level of consciousness from being conscious to subconscious and then to super conscious. I have followed Deepak Chopra’s style of meditation in the past where he gives too importance to lighting condition of the place of meditation and the vibrations that are created in the atmosphere by speaking a few Sanskrit mantras. I found this style very very useful and works really well specially if you are using meditation as a tool for your stress management. It really works. This was all going OK when Deepak Chopra came out with a new product “Dream Weaver” and for me it surpassed all my expectations. It is a mind boggling product and you really have to use it to understand what I am trying to say. It is very difficult to express in words, the state of mind that this product creates.

Deepak Chopra

Basic principle of this product is same that audio-video frequencies around us have power to alter our level of consciousness. This time, Deepak Chopra has taken the help of electronic gadgets to induce these frequencies in our minds. If nothing else, you will at least feel relaxed as soon as you start using it. This product is a real game changer and it has completely changed the concept of meditation techniques.

Bramh Kumaris Raj Yoga:

I completed one week Raj Yoga free course and loved the experience. I came to know about them accidentally. I read in one of our local newspapers that St. James theater is showing a free one hour movie on the concept of “time”. I went to the theater and there you had to write your details before you enter the theater. As soon as I wrote my address, the lady exclaimed! Oh you are our neighbor. I did not know but Bramha Kumari’s meditation center was at one of the houses on our street which was a few blocks from our house. So, I

Tree of Life

decided to enroll for their free meditation course. I liked their style of meditation and sermons. It is one of those places where you realize beauty in simplicity. Their style of meditation is emptying your mind from all kind of thoughts. It is a bit difficult to do but you improve with regular practice and feel better and more peaceful every time you do it. The teachers there are full of compassion in their approach and you feel good just for being there.

My Very Own Meditation Technique:

Earlier I had stated that I take meditation and spirituality as cosmic adventure and that is why in addition to following meditation techniques experts, I keep experimenting with my own ideas as well. At times I get mind blowing results. Here I am sharing one of my techniques which have given very productive results for me. I have named this meditation technique “Meditate by letting your imagination go wild”.Let imagination go wild

Our thoughts, fantasies and imaginations are restricted by laws of physics, our brain’s social conditioning, religious conditioning etc. as we have been always taught these facts and hence our brain gets conditioned to restrictions. Not only laws of physics but the cause and effect theory also restrict our imagination. We need to train our brain to take that flight of imagination unrestricted by scientific laws known to us. We all know, the outcome of our efforts is never proportional to the efforts that we put in. Life will be too boring and easy if you are sure that if you do this, the result will be this. All our efforts are being controlled by an unknown source and by an unknown logic. We can never ever quantify the effort of a person from all logical point of views i.e. intelligence, logic applied and amount of effort put in.

So, one day I decided to let my imagination go wild irrespective of any logic. I still remember, I was sitting at a secluded beach in Wellington and sun was setting in. I closed my eyes and let my brain go wild all out. Within minutes, I was imagining myself flying in the sky with full speed without my body. It was as if my soul is out and is traveling in the space. I was moving away from the earth. I was in the middle of the universe and was watching the earth below. The whole sky was dark and the twinkling stars were giving the whole scene an amazing beauty. I moved towards the Milky Way. I had that sense of freedom where no force is imposing any control over me. I was in complete control of myself. I felt very light like a snowflake. I am giving my experience only as an example. You are free to choose any type of imagination. Beauty of this kind of meditation is that you can be very creative. Unlike other meditation techniques where you put an effort to block any thought intruding your mind, here you become a part of thoughtlessness. Instead of putting an effort to stop the external intruding thoughts, here you create your own internal thought process which automatically stops the external thought. I have been doing it for a few months now and I am sure if you do it for 20 minutes every day, you will see the difference in your personality. You will not only enjoy those 20 minutes but it will become a perfect way to lower your day to day stress.

Overall the whole exercise is very enjoyable. Try it out and let me know whether it created any difference in your life.

And finally, watch this video to improve whatever meditation techniques you follow.

Buddhist Monk shares his Secrets of Meditation

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Why We Must Find Our Life Purpose

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
Robert Bryne

I just finished reading Dr. Brian L Weiss’s book “Same Soul Many Masters”. What an incredible book! Just by reading it, my mind, brain, heart and soul, all were at peace at least for a week. Book is all about our life purpose. Our life is not just an
accident. Dr. Brian L Weiss has beautifully narrated Life Purposewhy every person who comes to this earth, comes to learn what he could not learn in his previous birth. That is why, all of us are unique and our lives are so different from each other. Life is simple but we insist to complicate it by trying to be somebody else rather than be ourselves. Your reason to come to this earth is entirely different from mine. I have come here to learn something different from you and so even if I try to copy every single act of yours, my end result will be different because the universe will create different circumstances for me so that I could learn what I could not learn in my previous life.

Self improvement

But, my reason to write this post was not to review “Same Soul Many Masters”. My reason to write this post was, to try to know whether it is really possible to find our life purpose by reviewing the trends of our first twenty, forty or more numbers of years of our lives. Then I thought, why don’t I begin by reviewing my own life and try to find what I have come to learn in my present incarnation.


It was not easy. Once you start thinking about your life, you are not able to find any weaknesses in your personality. Every problem that you come across looks to be the result of somebody Else’s trick or bad action or behavior. Then, I explored further, explaining to myself that I am doing this exercise to improve my own life. I have to crush my ego if I have to really learn my life purpose. I don’t need to justify the reasons for my defeats to anybody. So, with my newly found knowledge, I again did the same exercise of rewinding my life to find any traces of certain trends which may give some clues about my life purpose. First thing that came to mind was a tendency to procrastinate. But it was too general a term to throw any light on something as specific as life purpose. I drilled in further. After all there must be some reason for procrastination as far as most of my actions are concerned. Then, I focused more to find  under what kind of circumstances I tend to procrastinate? I normally have tendency to procrastinate when I have to implement my own idea or when I need to do something because I want to do it. I never ever procrastinate when somebody else tells me to do something. And that was my eureka moment. I  never ever able to keep my life under my control. My life purpose is to learn to be in control and give direction to my life. And that is why, since childhood, I had  always been surrounded by people who wanted to control me. There were always people who wanted to direct me. And it looked that my life mission was to follow orders. They wanted me to think in a certain way, they wanted me to do certain things, they wanted me to follow certain religion or cult. And like a dumb person, I was doing all I was asked to do. The universe was deliberately creating these circumstances so that I could learn to be in control. There used to be vacuum when nobody was telling me to do anything and then only I normally procrastinate.

It took me 54 years to find my life purpose. Just imagine, how different my life would have been if I had found my life purpose at the age of 20 or earlier? So guys, my purpose to write this post is, you think now, check various repetitive trends in your life, analyze it and I am sure you will be able to find your life purpose.

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