My Experiments With Mantras

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
—Roald Dahl

 My spiritual journey started with meditation. A period of 2 years, from 2005 to 2007, was quite bad for me. One of those periods where you feel as if the whole world is against you. During that time, I turned towards meditation and entered  the world of Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Brian Weiss and many others. I read each and every book written by these experts. Suddenly, my perception of this world and life changed. Motivated by my newly found wisdom, I thought, just reading is not enough and I need to exercise the practical side of spirituality. I was surprised that at this point of time, I felt as if I am being guided by some invisible force. Interesting coincidences were becoming a part of this new journey. Once, we were walking on a busy part of downtown Wellington known as Courtney place. I saw a poster of a movie “Samsara” at St. James theater.
I went in, out of curiosity. It was free, courtesy Bramh Kumaris. Bramh Kumaris is a cult where they teach about spiritual side of our life. Only condition to watch this free movie was a simple registration process. The lady at the counter exclaimed  when she saw my address. Oh, we are neighbors!  One of our centers is at your street. You are at 57 and we are at 23. She asked me to feel free to come and join their 7 days free meditation course AKA 7 days Raj Yoga course. Anyway, we watched this superb movie and came back home. By that time, I had made up my mind that I will not get a better opportunity than this, if I wish to learn meditation. I was all pumped up on Tuesday and lightly asked my 12 years old daughter whether she wishes to join me. I was over the moon when she quickly said, Yes, why not. Now, it is a very small thing but your confidence catapults to a new height  if your kids support you when you try to do something new. We reached the center at 6PM and were welcomed by Sister Gabriel. We were roughly 15 of us and the class began with sister Gabriel’s proactive introduction to Raj Yoga. And that was followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation. It was out of the world, sensational experience. This was my first step towards spiritual life. I completed 7 days Raj Yoga Course and felt very satisfied with the outcome. Atmosphere of these centers is beyond any imagination. So much of compassion, near ego free life style and sometimes, you wonder whether these people ever get angry or sad.

Riding on my satisfaction of my newly found spiritual lifestyle, I started feeling a lot better and stress of those bad 2 years period was already a thing of the past. In fact, instead of cursing that period, I started feeling thankful to that stressful period of time because it opened my life to new horizons.
My experiments with mantras
Deepak Chopra’s literature convinced me of the fact that everything in the world is all about energy. All that exists, be it a physical matter, an ideology, a feeling or anything else that you can name, are the result of vibrations or energy. Now if everything is energy, then every frequency of the vibration must be giving different results. And that result might be a change in the properties of matter, change in our behavior, change in the results of our hard work or anything that you can conceive of. So, it is the frequencies of the energy that controls the world.
And that is what Mantra Yoga is all about.

I did further research on various bands of frequency range and found that our conscious, subconscious, relaxed and sleeping state of minds depends on the band of frequency that is governing the mind. These bands of frequencies are categorized as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta.
Alpha: 7-12 Hz. We are relaxed in this state and this state is great for creativity.
Beta: 13-40 Hz. We are active in this state of mind.
Delta: 0-4 Hz. This is our sleeping state.
Theta: 4-7 Hz. This state is defined as meditative state.
If you do your own research about theta state, you will come to know that this frequency range of 4-7 Hz literally triggers our subconscious mind which is a great news because Law Of Attraction has proven that your affirmations work most effectively when they come out of your subconscious state of mind. Anyway, I further googled and found a few free MP3 audio files having sound of frequencies ranging from 4 to 7 Hz. I listened to MP3 files using my head phone. And that was my Eureka moment. How effective will be mantra chanting in theta state? Nobody has tried it yet. So, finally my experiments with Mantras has begun. So far, I have only followed what others said but this will be my first experiment of my own.
Chanting Mantra in theta state
Yesterday, I chanted “Om Shreem Brzee” with my theta state frequency in the background. I will do it for a few days and I will complete this blog post with the result of my experiment.
I wrote this post on 18th July and left it with a note that I will complete the post after I see the manifestation of my new experiment. I think time has come to complete this post.
As I had written in the beginning, the period between 2005 and 2007 was pretty bad for me. In addition to all the bad things, I had a small heart attack in 2006. Well, last week I was checking the outgoings in my bank account and I saw that my insurance premium has gone to whopping $450 per month. Here in New Zealand, it keeps on going up every year specially if you have acquired a new health related issue. I decided to call them to reduce my insurance cover. The help desk guy told me that your insurance covers you for life, trauma and partial disability. I asked to reduce my life cover and remove trauma and partial disability cover. He said, why do you want to remove the trauma cover because that is the one that most of the people claim. I told him about my heart attack in 2006 and he was surprised why I did not claim it. And he sent me a few forms to fill and said all your medical records will be available in your hospital, get them from there, attach it with the claim form and email me back. It is difficult for the bank to accept a claim after 10 years but there is nothing wrong in trying. I did what he asked me to do and forgot about it as he was also looking a bit doubtful anyway. I thought, he is just trying to be nice. Anyway, they asked for more papers related to my health, to which I simply said, it is impossible to dig those records after 10-15 years and I am not going to waste my time. For me that was the end of my communication with the bank regarding my claim.
But guess what! I get a phone call from bank that my claim has been accepted and they will let me know the details, once the payment is processed. And can you guess what was the amount. It was whopping $110000. Now, many of you might say, miracles do take place or it was a sheer coincidence of calling a right person at the right time or something like that. But I look at this incident differently. When we so called knowledgeable people do not understand any phenomenon of our universe, we give it a name like miracle, coincidence, luck, fate etc. But tell me one thing, when the whole universe, moon, sun, stars etc. are moving and existing with so much of accurate mathematical precision, will it not be stupidity to say, Oh! it was just a sheer miracle! Is it really not being too dumb to say that?
Whatever you might say, but I attribute this so called “Miracle” to the power of mantras.
I come to two conclusions:
1) Chanting of Mantras have more pronounced effect in theta state.
2) When I created the following two videos, my mantras where further empowered by creative visualization.

 Click below for my favorite Mantras:

Om Shreem Brzee 108 Times – Chant to improve Financial Prosperity

Ara Kara 108 Times – Chant to Create Higher Consciousness

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