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How Karma Influences Our Destiny: A Short Story

This short story illustrates how karma shapes our destiny. In a village, two brothers had contrasting personalities. The elder one was virtuous and compassionate, leading a saintly life with high moral standards. The younger one was carefree and selfish, enjoying a lavish lifestyle by cheating others. He frequented fancy restaurants and nightclubs, feeling happy and proud of his life.

One day, the older brother was returning home from work in his slippers. As he walked, a nail on the street pierced through his sole and into his foot. Blood gushed out of his wound and he felt excruciating pain. He managed to limp home somehow and then sat on chair waiting for his younger brother.

The younger brother came home with a diamond necklace in his hand, beaming with joy. He saw the older brother’s injured foot and asked what had happened. The older brother told him the whole story and requested some water, antiseptic lotion, and bandage to treat his wound.

As the younger brother was dressing his wound, he asked him why he was so happy. The younger brother said his wealthy lover had given him this diamond necklace. He was ecstatic.

The older brother faced such misfortunes so often that he decided to seek an astrologer’s advice. He brought his sibling with him.

The astrologer examined their horoscopes. He looked at the elder brother and said, “Your horoscope is very dismal and I wonder how you have survived so far.” He then turned to the younger one, smiled and said, “You have the potential to be a minister in the king’s cabinet.”

The brothers told the astrologer what had happened last week. The astrologer explained that the older brother had led a life of high moral standards, so despite his horoscope being so bad, he had escaped with a nail wound instead of dying in an accident. He then turned to the younger one and said that his horoscope was so good, but he had only received a diamond necklace instead of becoming a minister in the king’s cabinet. He said that karma had altered the outcome in both cases.

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