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Mantras For Meditation to bring solace in your Life.

Life is a mystery – mystery of beauty, bliss and divinity. Meditation is the art of unfolding that mystery. – Amit Ray

Mantras for Meditation lift your meditation practice to a new dimension because of higher vibrational energy associated with them.

Whenever I think about mantras, I recall the Big-Bang theory, as if Big-Bang is taking place in front of my eyes. Mantras for Meditation lift your meditation practice to a new dimension because of the higher vibrational energy associated with them. A few little words without any worldly meaning but still reverberate as a package of meaningful positive vibrations. There was no matter, just a release of unknown numbers and types of vibrational energy. And then, this energy becomes responsible for generating the matter. Just imagine how much power is associated with these vibrational energies. These vibrational energies are the creator of this universe. Can you believe that process where energy creates matter, or the process converts energy into the matter? Think about it and set your mind free to visualize that process. I find this cosmic adventure so exciting that all my mundane worldly problems look so useless!

Mantras always fascinate me up to the extent that I feel that chanting mantras itself is a type of meditation and I have tried it for an extended period of time. I have written about mantra chanting experience in one of my previous posts. You may read it here.

Mantras For Meditation to improve your meditation

How Mantras For Meditation Works

You are expected to think nothing while Meditating. But the problem is, nothing is also something. And that is the biggest hurdle for any meditator, especially for beginners. So you need to focus on something. That is where mantras come into the picture. Mantras are positive energy. Even if you are not chanting them, but you are focusing on them the way you do self-talk, it works very well while meditating.

There are thousands of mantras available that you can focus on while meditating. Do not worry about which one to select. Just select what touches your heart. I have my favorites, but you may choose anyone from the thousands that are available in this universe.

A Few of Popular Mantras that show immediate Results:

Mantras for meditation

Om Shreem Brzee

Om Shreem Brzee is one of my favorite mantras and has worked wonders for me. The beauty of this mantra is that it starts showing results in a short time provided you are consistent with its usage. The positive energy that it generates is perfect for your day-to-day living, and it also creates an aura around you where the abundance of every worldly matter seems achievable. I am writing it so confidently because I have personally experienced it. I made the following video about this mantra to ascertain its pronunciation.

Ara Kara

Ara Kara is a simple but very effective mantra. I have tried this one also and found it very helpful and improved my meditation to an enormous extent. I made the following video to help you with its pronunciation.

These two mantras are my favorites. In addition to these two, there are thousands of mantras available that you find on Google. I am not mentioning more here because I like to write about the tools or facts that I have personally tried, and I have attempted to only these two.

How to use Mantras in your mediation.

Concept of meditation is to go inward instead of thinking about the world. But it is easier said than done. Our brain is habitual of thinking about something or the other. In meditation, you think of nothing. But when you start doing it, you will realize that actually “Nothing” also is “Something” and your brain will dig something out of nothing to think about it. Point is your most important part of the body. “mind” will come as a hindrance to prevent you from meditating. meditating.

In the olden days, experienced people trained their brains to think of nothing during meditation, and once you do it consistently for a few months, your mind will become used to it. But only a handful of people could do that. All others, who tried but failed or could achieve very little success, started quitting.

Meditation, like any other art (or science), has evolved over the years. A few mentors started thinking about how to make meditation learning easier so that everybody could reap the benefits of this great soul healing art of mediation. It started with bringing your attention to your breathing while meditating. It is an excellent way of meditation, and it worked. Breathe in and breathe out! Keep your attention to your breathing pattern, and it will prevent your mind from distracting from other activities or thoughts.

The process of bringing your attention to your breathing was further fine-tuned by using mantras. And today, using the mantras for meditation is a very widely used technique. The concept is to keep your attention on the mantra while meditating. Reasons for doing that is:

  1. The Mantras don’t contain any specific meaning so chances of the mind getting distracted are reduced.
  2. These Mantras sound is not a very normal sound but its vibrations follow a particular frequency pattern. And scientifically these range of frequencies are proven to have a special calming effect on our brain. Hence these frequencies not only facilitate a better meditation but they provide us with a very positive aura around us.

Summing Up all these finer points of the “Mantras For Meditation” together

Let us do it step by step:

  1. Choose a warm and quiet room with no disturbance, dim light, and a comfortable chair. I normally recommend a beautifully lit Himalayan salt lamp in the corner of the room.
  2. Calm down yourself by doing nothing for a few minutes.
  3. Then close your eyes and bring your attention to your mantra (e.g. Om Shreem Brzee) without speaking it like you do self-talk.
  4. Keep your attention to the mantra only.
  5. Be in that state of mind for 30 minutes.
  6. After regular practice for a few weeks, you will start seeing the magic after 10-15 minutes of your meditation.
  7. You will notice that chirping of the birds that you hardly notice in your day to day life has suddenly amplified. There will be an unusual clarity in whatever you do and see. You will start noticing the movements of the dandelion because of the wind in a different way. You will start appreciating each creation of the universe distinctively. And all these aspects of your new personality will start reducing your stress dramatically. You will find yourself always in a state of bliss and joy and slowly this will become your true nature.

Finally, I would like to end the “Mantras For Meditation” post with David Cuschieri famous words,

“The mind is a powerful force. It can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into the depths of misery or take us to the heights of ecstasy.”

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