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Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?

Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?
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“Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking” is a very misunderstood question. I can answer it in a very straightforward way, but there is a deeper meaning to it. You reach that deeper state once you start practicing mindfulness regularly.

Now, my first answer to this question is yes. When you concentrate on one job, your focus is much better, and hence you perform better. It is better to do one job at a time with your focussed efficiency rather than doing multiple jobs with an average efficiency and somehow completing it. You, yourself, will feel a greater level of satisfaction once you complete a task where you gave your 100% focus. You always live in the present moment.

But let us now think about how experienced mindfulness practitioners think and act. To understand their point of you, first, let us define what multi-tasking is? You divide a period into small slots and do various jobs in those small slots of time. No one does all five tasks together. You divide all the tasks into five tiny functions and assign a time slot to each of them. You are doing only one task at a time. Once you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner, you can concentrate on each job during the allotted time. So, it is possible to do multi-tasking with a mindfulness approach. It requires practice, and it helps you improve your efficiency and productivity.

Today, there are thousands of articles and blog posts available on meditation and mindfulness. Although, it is excellent because it helps the concept of meditation and mindfulness become more popular among people. It helps people understand the advantages of meditation and mindfulness. But there is a downside to it. All these articles written with partial or shallow knowledge create a misconception about these. And that is why questions like “Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?” make doubts in people’s minds.

Does Mindfulness Advocate Not Planning For The Future?

The second most common question after “Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?” is, If I always live in the present, how will I plan for the future? This doubt is also a misconception. Mindfulness never says you don’t plan for the future. It only emphasizes that when you are planning for the future, just do that without worrying about the problems of your circumstances. Again, it comes down to living in the present without worrying about the trauma of the past and fear of the future.

By reading most of the articles, your awareness about meditation and mindfulness may increase. But a complete training and mentor-ship are required to understand the concept comprehensively and hence transform your life fully.

I have personally gone through this process, and I can assure you it has drastically changed my life for good. If you are serious about uplifting your life to a different dimension that you can’t even think and visualize now, read the following few paragraphs.

School Of Positive Transformations

I am in my fifties, and my life has changed drastically since I accidentally found a few books by Deepak Chopra and Maharshi Mahesh Yogi in the library and found them mind-blowing. I started my journey of meditation and mindfulness after going through their books. Google was very helpful for getting more resources to practically implement meditation and mindfulness techniques in my life. My journey was haphazard as I jumped from one resource to another and tried each one of them. It was helpful, but because the implementation of these techniques was not structured properly, it often confused me. It all happened till I came across the School Of Positive Transformations. And it was this course that changed my life forever.

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Sometimes I think about what would happen if I had got these resources/knowledge when I was in my twenties. Oh, I would have lived a different life altogether. But then, everything happens for good. Maybe, I am ready now only to understand these beautiful concepts.

Now, I want to share my newly found knowledge with the world so that everybody can transform their lives the way I did. I was looking for a course that teaches meditation and mindfulness scientifically without the frills of any religious rituals. School Of Positive Transformations provided me with that platform that transformed my life to a new dimension, but now I am certified to coach others for all that I have learned. It took only 30 days (30 sessions) to achieve, and the course is accredited by CPD and IMMA.

Dr. Itai coaches you, and he becomes your lifelong mentor. You will love his style of coaching that is supported by comprehensive scientific research. I consider Dr. Itai a very charismatic figure. He creates such a cheerful ambiance with his presence and knowledge that learning from him becomes your passion. I never felt exhausted or tired whenever I listened to him, only because he stretches my curiosity to the next level. What I found different in this course is that it teaches you to be creative while practicing meditation. You don’t have a follow a style or a set pattern. You may create your own kind of meditation.

Society has forced us to follow specific rules and has created rituals that limit our potential. This course literally brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me how to think outside the box in any situation.

Today, I look at the universe differently, where everything is available in abundance and living my life without any stress. I have now learned that there is no space for trauma, anxiety, or any other negative traits in the universe, but we as a society tend to create them. I still don’t understand, “Why”? After going through the course, you will realize why you were putting so much effort into living your life when life is all about love, exploration, enjoyment, and abundance of everything. The universe has provided us all the positive things, but we humans have turned our lives into miseries for no apparent reason.

The course provides PDF transcripts and audio downloads of audio files so that the meditation instructions are always available in your playlist. The system helps you become a part of a private Facebook group to exchange mediation ideas with other like-minded meditators. I don’t give too much importance to certifications, but it is immensely satisfying when you receive the certificate for completing the course. Watch the video below to learn more about this course:

You should consider this blog post as one of the most serious testimonials coming from the horse’s mouth. However, watch a few videos below where different people have discussed the change in their lives after completing the School Of Positive Transformations course.

I have summed up the benefits and features of the School Of Positive Transformations course below.

Which is better: mindfulness or multitasking?

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