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Meditation And Law Of Attraction

Meditation And Law Of Attraction Compliment Each Other

”The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”
-Marilyn Ferguson

Our minds are conditioned in such a way that we tend to think and act in a predefined way. This process of conditioning the mind starts as soon as we are born. And who conditions it? This is done by our society, our country, our education system, our religion, etc., in a very organized way. We get our minds conditioned unknowingly and innocently. We are made to feel that it is good because it gives a direction to our life.

Why mind conditioned by external factors is bad for you

Mind conditioned by external factors is too bad for us because it hinders our originality and restricts our imagination. Living life is all about exploring new possibilities and experiencing new ideas. Living life is not about following a routine designed by some institution. Also, we start following these rules blindly. Many of these norms and regulations are flawed because they are made by people with limited knowledge. And then society or religion tells us how to live our lives. Come on, Mr. X and Mr. Y have come to live in this world for different purposes. How can they live similarly? That’s how our lifestyle starts opposing natural cosmic laws instead of resonating with it. That is where meditation and the law of attraction complement each other. I recall a short but interesting story to give you an idea of how our mind gets conditioned.

Let us understand the concept with an example

A man jokingly said to a very educated person with all his seriousness that tomorrow it is going to rain gold coins. The educated man obviously responded that you have gone crazy. This man said the same thing to an uneducated farmer, and the farmer’s reply was, well, it’s great if it really happens. The man laughingly said, you really think there may be a possibility of raining gold coins? The farmers said why not if such a giant tree gets encapsulated in a tiny seed, why can’t gold coins rain? Are you now getting how our mind gets conditioned? We expect things based on our past experiences. For us, only what we know is a possibility. We need to change that perspective. Our thoughts create our reality. The cosmic universe can generate an abundance of possibilities.

Meditation and law of attraction

It is important to understand how our universe operates

The whole universe moves with mathematical precision, and the movement of every living and non-living entity in the world has an effect on the rest of the universe and vice versa. Can you imagine if one planet, e.g. mars, slows down or turns its direction, it may result in the collapse of the whole universe? What I mean to say is, one living entity or a group can not assume that it is entirely independent and its actions have no effect on the rest of the universe. Every living or non-living object is interdependent, and if everybody’s actions resonate with the rest of the universe, then the universe responds back in a positive way. But, unfortunately, today’s materialistic world has completely gone against natural cosmic laws and that is the reason why we today are living in such a pathetic world. Physics has already made many discoveries in this field by coming up with unified field and string theories. They all give enough evidence that every living or non-living entity emerges from one source of energy. Anyway, coming back to our main topic, meditation helps us achieve that alignment where our actions resonate with the universal laws instead of going against them. We approach inwards towards that source of energy that can follow universal cosmic laws in a very natural way.

Law of attraction

Meditation is the key to make law of attraction to manifest fast & effectively

Meditation is considered by many as a very complicated process which it is not. Our mind is quite fickle (Our brain is conditioned to live in that kind of state), and hence we need to give it a job so that we could bring our mind to a calm state. So, why not ask our brain to keep its attention to our breathing pattern. So whenever any thoughts disturb your meditation, ask your mind to bring attention to our breathing pattern. So, we have assigned a job to the brain to keep it engaged, we are free to carry on with our meditation. Now, you need to discipline yourself to do this meditation twice a day for 30 minutes and see the result in 6 months. You will find your whole life wholly transformed within these 6 months. The only key to success is practice.

Now, you must be wondering where does the law of attraction comes from in this discussion? It does. When our actions start following universal cosmic laws, the universe responds back to our needs and requirements in a very positive way. It shows us ways to achieve abundance in every possible way. It happens on such a subtle level that it happens even before you realize how and what made it happen. That is why I have titled this post Meditation facilitates the law of attraction.

And finally, last but not least, people want to change the world around them, but they want to remain the same. That is not possible. So, first, change yourself for the new situation before you could change the world around you.




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