Reduce Street Traffic To Control Global Warming

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 Global Warming and Traffic Problems

If I complain about a traffic jam, I have no one to blame but myself.
                                                                                                     -Steve Wynn
 Before you read this blog post, let me ask you a question. In 70s if I had told you that one day water will be sold in sealed bottles, your immediate reply would be, you have gone nuts! But only after 30-40 years, bottled water is a part and parcel of our lives. Above fact has a good relevance to my blog post today. We all know that global warming is almost out of control now and most of its reasons may be attributed to traffic congestion in our cities. Governing bodies of every city in the world have tried their best by implementing different strategies but nothing seems to be working. Day by day all major cities are turning into gas chambers.
Traffic Congestion
Yesterday, One of my staffs phoned me that he is not well and will not be able to make it to office but he can finish his job at home as data files required for the job are available in our company’s cloud drive. And that was my “Aa Haa” moment. After all, our every data is available in the cloud and if required, a virtual private network can be created for all the computers belonging to our staffs and if a meeting is required to be organized for our brain storming sessions, our very own Google provides Hang Outs for such meetings. Or else, there are so many ways to organize webinars. Why do we need to be physically present under one roof for doing jobs that can done at different physical locations and shared easily over internet? Working from home is the only way we can improve the conditions of our streets and highways. Only workers who need to go to work instead of working from home, are the ones who are either in manufacturing industry, service related industries or the industries where labs or workshops are essential part of the work. I fail to understand why people working in ministry of education, ACC and hundreds of other such institutions need to go to work? Thanks to technology, today we have every possible communication media at our disposal. Then why we need to be physically present at one premises to do our jobs? Need of the hour is to create such digital infra structure for large administrative departments so that the staff, specially bureaucrats should be able to perform their duties from home.
global warming
Just imagine, out of overall population of Auckland, if 750000  do not have to drive every day to go to work, streets of Auckland will improve over night without spending any money. People will be healthier giving relief to our already crumbling health system and productivity and efficiency of all these departments will sky rocket. I am surprised why nobody has thought about it so far. This is not rocket science to implement this in today’s technological environment.

Then the question still remains unanswered, What is stopping us from doing something like this? Now, recall my initial question, you would have called me a nut if I told you that one day water will be sold in bottles. Same is the reason for this. We resist change. We find it difficult to accept new concepts. But I think, now we have reached a point of no returns as far as the problem of global warming is concerned and we and our governments need to be more bold to implement new life styles suitable to the society of today.